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1521208000Cristine Meany

Username: christine92
Gender: female
Country: United States
Birthday: July 27, 1992 (age 27)
Shares a birthday with: Keiko Terada

Permission level: General
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Artists I like: AKB48, BABYMETAL, Dataspeaker, Girls Tape Store, iLala, KOTO, LiSA, Maika, Momoiro Clover Z, MOW MOW LULU GYABAN, Neo Blues Maki, sakanaction, San Cancion, Shunsuke Takai

Users with similar tastes: Raj Mahtani, starktz

Message: I'm a writer and editor with a BS in journalism and public relations and a portfolio of varied experience in web content and news writing, essay proofing, resume editing, ghost writing blog posts, and more. I am available to draft and/or edit any text ranging from long posts to wedding invitations to an 'about me' for your website or your final paper for school.I have a completely flexible schedule and am available upon short notice. Additionally, I have been doing this for 4+ years now, so you will pay to have homework done for a quality work and have multiple, long and short term references, I can provide if required!

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