Username: denchan
Gender: female
Country: New Zealand
Birthday: July 29, 1991 (age 26)
Shares a birthday with: Lisa Ono, Tomi

Permission level: General
Total edits: 0
Acceptance rate: 0%

Artists I like: Ayumi Hamasaki, Orange Range, UVERworld

Users with similar tastes: xthexdeadxonex

Zodiac sign:Leo

Ordinary person

-likes to do ramdom stuffs.

-collecting anything?

-quite family-oriented.

-plays guitar,piano and violin [still learning.]

-has 2 blogs.[which were both inactive]



visit it if you want.=][puhleaze?]

-is kind..[ehem!]


well i would say i love all about japan???haha..well i love hongo kanata and that's for his no 1 fan!., i also like hey say jump..and ARASHI..=]and KATTUN..also YUI.[so pretty!]

uhm., what else could i put in here.??


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