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Username: deathrose
Gender: female
Country: United States
Birthday: December 22, 1995 (age 22)
Shares a birthday with: Sayuri Kokusho

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Artists I like: Gackt, Morning Musume, Nana Kitade

Users with similar tastes: xthexdeadxonex

Message: hi my name is krystal i love hard rock,hevey metal,alternitive,pop,and j-pop music is my life Hobbies:skatboarding,sketching nature,listening to music,talking and hanging out with friends,whatching anime,and reading manga my all im going to say is if you dont like me get over it cause i know i already have im white im 13 years old and im emo i dont give a shit what you think bout me thats justwasting your time im very nice ecsept when ppl try to act like me i dont like fakes and i have my times when im mean but who ever is nice to me im nice back who ever is a bitch to me im a bitch back and then i win yay!!~ well thats all bout me if you want to know more just ask...

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