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Versailles starred in "the rAsia.com 2012 festival" in Moscow (2012.05.28)


With their second album "Holy Grail" to be released on 6/15 and a world tour " Versailles world tour 2011-Holy Grail" which spans 18 countries for a time period of 7 months. From 5/15~5/18 they starred in "the rAsia.com 2012 festival"(http://rasia.com/http://rasia.com/) which was held in Moscow, Russia.


This event aims to introduce the pop culture of Russia, Japan, Korea, and China to promote cross cultural relationships. As a result, it.was the largest convention to be held in Russia. Prior to the convention they held a poll to see which artists the people wanted to see and Versailles was the top in Japanese artists


Having one of the best performances ever, Versailles was the highlight of this event. The crowds and even Russian music moguls highly praised Versailles and they were the talk of this convention.


Finally, since this year is the 5th anniversary of the band " Versailles" from forming, decided to release one of the memorial piece of all such as new songs called,"ROSE" and"-ayakashi-". Also the previous piece recorded in "Holy Grail", Japanese version of "Love will born again"and the wonderful contents including retake version of the their best song "THE RED CARPET DAY" during the period of indies they've released the live are contained in this memorial piece.

http:// Versailles.syncl.jp/

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