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TuneCore Japan has had a payout program for artists in place,broke the ¥600 million mark (2016.05.11)

  Digital music distribution service TuneCore Japan has had a payout program for artists in place since its launch in October 2012, and in 2015, we broke the ¥600 million mark. In that year alone, we paid out more than half of that amount to artists, ¥350 million, and we expect to break the ¥1 billion mark sometime this year.

Last year, famous artists like Char, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Studio Ghibli (for ringtones), Hana*Hana, and Sunny Day Service started using TuneCore, and it has attracted artists from a variety of genres such as KOHH, THE BONEZ, BEAST, Tokyo 7th Sisters, HIKAKIN & SEIKIN as well as up-and-coming young artists such as Yogee New Waves, never young beach, and Kankaku Piero, making for a wide selection.
In Japan, 2015 has come to be known as the first year of the music streaming era, but sales from streaming have remained at around 5%. Even so, 2015 did represent a rapid growth of 2000% compared to 2014, and we only expect that trend to continue as growth expands more rapidly than ever in 2016.
Sales overseas, one of this service's goals, make up about 10% of our total, and, in the future, our goal is to bring that percentage up to 50%. In Japan, our top three genres in terms of sales are J-pop, Hip-hop, and Anime/Game, in that order, while overseas they are Anime/Game, Soundtracks, and J-pop. In addition to our continued expansion into online stores here in Japan and all over the world, in 2016 we want to make sure as many of the next generation of artists are using digital music services as possible and continue to provide a service that can gain a foothold towards overseas expansion.

The era that we, and Japanese artists, have imagined, worked for, and directed ourselves towards is about to arrive.


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