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T.M.Revolution First performance in Asia! Big Success on AFA Singapore 2012 (2012.11.17)

On November 9, T.M.Revolution performed as the main act for Southeast Asia’s biggest anime festival, “Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2012” (AFA). T.M.Revolution’s 90-minute performance fascinated 3,000 fans.


Since the debut, T.M.Revolution has been developing global fan base led by the “Japanimation” fans and building up a high reputation in the world.

Dynamic performance by T.M.Revolution attracted many audiences in events overseas such as “OTAKON 2003” in Baltimore in August 2003,

“Pacific Media Expo” in California in May 2004, and Comic Con at New York in April 2008.

However, AFA was his first time performance in Asia and much attention was paid to him.


As the opening SE started, all the Singaporean fans started shouting out his name and waving their light sticks.

T.M.Revolution appeared on stage as the main act wearing a white leather long coat. First song was “FLAGS”.

followed by the song “Zips”, T.M.Revolution shouted out as “Welcome to live Revolution! Come on Singapore!” and grabbed the crowd’s attention.

The audience also appealed to him by showing banners they brought along which reads “WE LOVE T.M.Revolution”.

He also performed the rearranged version of “INVOKE” from the up-coming self-cover album “UNDER:COVER 2”.

In his last song “HEART OF SWORD”, T.M.Revolution thanked all his fans for waiting him for a long time and coming to the concert.

The fans were mesmerized by 90-minute show with a total of 16 songs such as the theme for the “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED” and “Sengoku BASARA” series.


During the encore, there were local fans who called out in Japanese, “One more time!” T.M.Revolution commented, “I owe it to everyone. Because everyone is here, I was able to come! No matter how far away Singapore might be, everyone who I connected with today are all the part of T.M.Revolution’s family.”


T.M.Revolution is currently working on his self-cover greatest album “UNDER:COVER2”. Before its release, he released “Burnin’ X’mas” through iTunes last November 7,which is included in the “UNDER:COVER2”.On December 24, there will be an event at Yokohama Cultural gymnasium. This event is a collaboration between “ T.M.Revolution” and “All Japan Pro-wrestling” titled “ T.M.Revolution Strikes Back 10th & ALL JAPAN PRO-WRESTLING 40th ANNIVERSARY T.M.R. LIVE REVOLUTION '12 -Strikes Back X-“ This event will be exclusive for male fans. 

On January 1 and 2,2013, he is to hold “T.M.R. NEW YEAR PARTY '13 LIVE REVOLUTION” ,a New Year event at Budokan.

 Date: November 9, 2012



OPEN: 18:30 / START: 19:30

Venue: Max Pavilion, Singapore Expo


[Set list]


Opening song for Sengoku Basara Movie            

A theme song for the game“Sengoku BASARA Chronicle Heroes”


A theme song for GUNDAM SEED MSV

3Web of Night (English Version)         

Japanese Theme for Spider-Man 2

4. soul's crossing                                             

Theme song for the Wii game “Soul Eater monotone Princess”

5. INVOKE                                      

Opening song for GUNDAM SEED

6. Meteor                       

Inserted song for GUNDAM SEED

7. vestige                


8. Save The One, Save The All                   

Theme Song for the “ Bleach” movie

9. resonance                                    

Opening theme song for the TV anime “Soul Eater”

10. crosswise                                   

Theme song for the Playstation 2 game “Sengoku Basara”

11. Naked arms               

Opening song for Playstation3/Wii game soft “Sengoku BASARA3”

12. SWORD SUMMIT                    

Opening song for TV anime “Sengoku Basara”

13. ignited              



Ending theme song for “Rorouni Kenshin”



15. The party must go on                            

Ending theme song for “Sengoku Basara the movie”




T.M.Revolution official Site: http://www.tm-revolution.com/

T.M.Revolution Official Twitter: http://twitter.com/tmr15

T.M.Revolution Official Facebook:


source:Epic Records Japan  


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