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T.M.Revolution | SCANDAL, split single released!! (2014.02.14)


From the immensely popular CAPCOM action game series “Sengoku Basara”, which has spun off into TV anime series and movies, comes the latest game in the franchise, “Sengoku Basara 4” *

For this game, T.M. Revolution and Scandal teamed up to create an amazing split single which is featured as the opening and ending theme songs.

T.M. Revolution and Scandal each wrote and recorded new songs just for this project to coincide with the release of the game.

This collaboration will surely excite all “Sengoku Basara”, T.M. Revolution and Scandal fans!


*released in Japan on 1/24/2014


Track list

1.      Count ZERO (T.M. Revolution… “Sengoku Barsara 4” opening theme song)

2.      Runners high ( Scandal… “Sengoku Basara 4” ending theme song)

3.      Count ZERO (Instrumental)

4.      Runners high (Instrumental)



iTunes link:




Scandal">http://www.amazon.com/Count-Zero-Runners-High-Sengoku/dp/B00I2CORB6/ref=sr_1_2?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1392221598&sr=1-2&keywords=runners+high+ Scandal


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