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Nippop News : Taking over for whole ten days, the newborn "a-nation" had finally arrived (2012.05.13)

a-nation is the biggest music festival of all in japan. This event

mobilized approximately 3'000'000 people at the first time in the year

2002. In year 2012 with the anniversary of 11th year, this concept

called "Artist And Audience All Across Asia", spreading the new ideas

of festival starting from Japan to more other countries in Asia.


The new upgraded version of a-nation will be held from August 3rd to

August 12th called as "Musicweek" in Shibuya and in "Stadium Fes."

Tokyo and Osaka with day changing schedule of famous artist visiting

to perform in this big event.


"Musicweek" is known as the town festival that engulfs entire town of

Shibuya that have produced a new culture. Starting with tremendous

daily theme used in live stages: fashion, food, amusemet, and etc..

Splash of color was added to the total area of Shibuya, "a-nation" and

the people who lives in Shibuya of course, even the people who hadn't

joined will be included and unrolled.

From the town called as "Summer Break of Shibuya", very soon caught

attentions in Japan and the whole Asia for this new "Musicweek".


In addition to the summery of separated theme, the artists who

participating in this "Musicweek" was already announced. Such as

m-flo, The GazettE, May'n, AAA, AKB48, SKE48, Vamps and etc.

Entry reservations starts from May 11th 3:00 p.m. to 17th 4:00 p.m. at

the official site.



"a-nation Musicweek "

Location: National Yoyogi 1st Gimnasium

2012-08-03 Fri VERBAL presents... “OTO_MATSURI”

Artists: m-flo and more…!


2012-08-04 Sat BAND NATION

Artists: The GazettE and more…!



Artists: May'n / Minami Kuribayashi and more…!


2012-08-09 Thu Asia Progress M

Artists: AAA / DEEP / Daichi Miura / U-KISS and more…!


2012-08-10 Fri Asia Progress F

Artists: AKB48 / E-Girls / Girl Next Door and more…!


2012-08-11 Sat IDOL NATION

Artists: SKE48 / SUPERGiRLS / TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE and more…!


2012-08-11 Sun ROCK NATION

Artists: Vamps and more…!


translated by Hiro Sakoda and Victoria Ou 

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