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Nippop News : Pink Martini & Saori Yuki capture first place in the US iTunes jazz chart with the album, "1969!!" (2011.12.09)

Saori Yuki, on October 17th, finished her concert with the jazz orchestra from Oregon, USA, "Pink Martini." Staged at the Royal Albert Hall to great success, the concert showcased the album, 1969, a compilation of hit tunes from the year 1969, the year  Yuki made her debut with the album, "Melody for a New Dawn." 

Performing tracks from 1969, including Melody for a New Dawn, Blue Light Yokohama, Goodbye Summer Day, Evening Moon, and Mas Que Nada, the singer also welcomed the BBC Concert Orchestra onto the big stage. 

The decision to release the album overseas was quickly reached after the news of Yuki collaborating with Pink Martini made waves, creating anticipation for the unique music that would be realized through Yuki's beautiful Japanese songs and Pink Martini's unique musical stylings.

Except for one, Yuki sings all the songs in the album in Japanese, and the album has been released as a CD and a digital download in over twenty countries by mainly EMI Music. In the US, where the album became available via iTunes on November 1st, it shot up to No. 1 in the jazz charts the next day. Outside the US, the covers of the popular Japanese tunes ranked highly in various categories, such as in Canada's World Music chart, where the tunes rose to No. 1. As of now, the songs still remain among the top ten, continuing to spread their buzz factor.  

As for the CD version of the album, in Greece it was released on October 10th and rose to sixth place in the IFPI Album Chart for 43 weeks this year, and in Singapore, it captured 18th place (as of October 31), becoming a sensation as a packaged product as well.

While the staff members inovolved in the production of the album were all convinced that 1969 is a brilliant work, they did not anticipate the album to enliven charts around the world immediately after its release. They are also deeply moved by the fact that Yuki, and by extension, Japanese pop songs happen to be on the verge of going beyond time and space to soar to new heights as pop songs of the world in the watershed year of 2011, the year that celebrates the 50th anniversary of the release of the classic J-Pop tune, SUKIYAKI.

The CD version of the album will be released in the US next week on November 7. Following the concert at the Royal Albert Hall, Yuki is also scheduled to take part in Pink Martini's nationwide US tour in December.

The music video of Blue Light Yokohama is available in full at Saori Yuki’s special "1969" site, found at the following link.  



Pink Martini US tourwith Yuki Saori

   12/12 (mon)  Strathmore Washington D.C.

   12/13 ( tue )  Town Hall N.Y.

   12/14 (wed)  Town Hall N.Y.

   12/16 ( fri )    Berklee Performance Center Boston 

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