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Nippop News : OSAKA MONAURAIL celebrate their 20th anniversary with a large-scale world tour (2012.02.24)


OSAKA MONAURAIL will mark their 20th anniversary this year by kicking off a two-part European tour in April and June, and their first North Amreican tour in July. The schedule for their tour in April has recently been announced.


Unwavering in their mission to "revive funk music in the present age," this soul juggernaut has been winning many hearts since the mid 2000s, not only in Japan, but also overseas, where they have been frequently performing while also realizing record deals with labels in the UK, Germany, and Australia. Their live album, "LIVE IN SPAIN," released in 2009, is a recording of their live performance in front of an enthusiastic audience in Barcelona, Spain, and with this performance, they set new standards for funk bands not only in Japan, but all over the world.


Their European tour has been going on every year since 2006, and the number of performances has been seeing an annual rise. In April, their tour lasted for about more than a month, becoming their largest one to date. Their present schedule for their 24 performances appear below.


The latter half of their spring tour will see the band appear in festivals, including the soul festival, "The Baltic Soul Weekender 2012," held at a resort in Germany facing the Baltic Sea, and the “Holmfirth Festival of Funk 2012,”  held in England, where the band will be sharing the stage with soul legends such as Leon Ware and The Supremes. 


Furthermore, in the summer, the band also plans to make their rounds through a large-scale festival and club circuit in the course of their additional European tour and their first ever North American tour.

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