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Nippop News : Kyary Pamyu goes trad with new song, now available as a digital download in 73 countries (2011.12.26)


 Oricon, 7 December  The debut single of the model and singer,Kyarypamyupamyu, "Tsukematsukeru" (slated for release on January 11, 2012) was released as a digital download on the 7th of this month. The download is available in 73 countries, which is the most number of countries for which a digital download has been made available by a Japanese artist.  


 In 35 countries, including Japan, the US, and France, the download is available from the iTunes Store, and in 38 other countries, including China and Korea, the download is available from the major French music streaming service, Deezer.  


 In addition, Kyarypamyupamyu has performed her first live concert in the US in Los Angeles on the 9th.  The record label she belongs to is delighted.

 "Requests for media coverage and offers for live performances are rushing in from around the world," a spokesperson from the label commented.  


 Active as a model in the Harajuku scene, pamyupamyu debuted this August with the mini album, "Moshi, Moshi, Harajuku (Hello, Harajuku), produced by Yasutaka Nakata( Capsule). Prior to this work, she had released PONPON as a digital download for the global market and the tune rose to No. 1 in the electronic music chart of the Japanese iTunes Store.  She also ranked in among the top 10 in the charts of various Western countries, including Finland, where she rose to first place, becoming the first Japanese singer to do so in the country. The music video of the tune achieved a playback of ten million times in a four-month period, making pamyupamyu not only the most viewed artist among traditional Japanese music artists who debuted this year, but also the fastest to achieve the record.


"I can't hide my surprise. I just didn't imagine such a result," she said, commenting on how she felt about her video seeing an excess of ten million playbacks. "I'm grateful to the director for creating the amazing CG effects. He lost a lot of sleep over it."  She then appealed, "The music video of the new song is also amazing, so I'll be glad if you can check that one out too." 


Commenting on the availability of her new song as a digital download in 73 countries, she remarked, "I wish to convey how marvelous Japanese culture is to many people around the world."  

A live gig in LA has also been scheduled. 


Pamyupamyu, who has staged a live performance on the 9th at the well-known Los Angeles venue, Cafe & Gallery ROYAL/T (capacity 600), said, "I heard a rumor from an acquaintance in America that I'm called "PONPONPON GIRL. I'm going to perform to drive home the fact that my name is "Kyarypamyupamyu"


Recently, Yuki Saori scored a hit in Japan after she collaborated with the US jazz orchestra, Pink Martini, and the new album from this collaboration, which covered a hit tune from 1969, rose to No. 1 in the US iTunes jazz chart.  All eyes are now on pamyupamyu to see whether she too can ride this wave.

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