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Nippop News : "GirlsAward 2011 AUTUMN/WINTER" in Tokyo (2011.11.11)

The “real clothes” fashion show with live music event called "GirlsAward 2011 AUTUMN / WINTER" will be held at National Yoyogi First Gymnasium in Tokyo November 12.


The event was started from the spring of 2010, Erika Sawajiri in the past and Joon(JYJ), Girls' Generation, starring artists have become a hot topic. This time, "adventure" theme, which is scheduled to cast big-name artists such as Girl Next Door, Miho Fukuhara, STUDIO APARTMENT, Suger Soul, Bump.y, from K-POP, 2NE1, SOL (from BIGBANG), will be featured and about 100 models in total.


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