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Nippop News:Scandal Performed solo concert for the first time in Malaysia! (2012.12.08)


Scandal Performed solo concert for the first time in Malaysia!

Announced to have South East Asia Tour next spring!


Popular girls band Scandal performed solo concert at KL Live, Malaysia, for the first time on Dec.1(Sat).

Scandal had received a passionate approach from Malaysia and this concert was realized.

Scandal had tie-ins with lots of popular TV animation as the theme songs and taking advantage of it,  they had two-day shows  in Singapore last year.

They ranked #1 at retail chain store, HMV Singapore’s  J-pop/K-pop chart last September.

Currently their song “Satisfaction” is used for TVCF of IT company, Windows, which are on-aired in most Asian countries including Malaysia.

All these global activities had resulted in a first solo concert in Malaysia.-


Their concert venue, KL Live is located in the city center of Malaysia with a capacity of 1,600 and

great musicians such as Loudness, Sum41 and Fatboy Slim had performed in the past.


Scandal arrived Malaysia on Nov.29th (Thu).

When they arrived at the airport, there were so many fans waiting at the arrival hall, who had waited for a long time for the band to visit there.


The first song they performed at the concert was “Rock’n Roll” which is contained  in their new album “Queens are trumps- Kirifuda Wa Queen-”,

Scandal was greeted with massive enthusiasm.

Through the concert, fans sang along with the band in Japanese which shows that they had been listening to the latest album.

After singing three songs, HARUNA called out “Are you ready for SCANADAL?” to bring a lot of excitement to the  event.

Every time band members say “Terima kasih (meaning thank you in Malay) during Emcee, there was a big excitement.

After the last song, there were local fans who called out in Japanese, “One more time!”.

Scandal performed “Satisfaction” and fans were charmed to hear this song.

Then band’s 90-minute performance fascinated 1,600 fans in Malaysia.

Scandal is planning to have South East Asia tour starting March visiting Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand.

Their concert ,“ Scandal BESTXmas4” held on Dec.23 will be live-streamed at many movie theaters in Japan and

also Hong Kong(MCL Telford )/Taiwan (Vie Show Hsin Yi). 

They are becoming a focus of worldwide attention!


Check Photos on nippop Facebook page



Scandal Official Website

Scandal-4.com/">http://www. Scandal-4.com/



Scandal Release

<<Release in Japan>>

September 26, 2012

4th album “Queens are trumps-Kirifuda wa Queen-”


■Limited Edition  CD+BOOK


4,200 (Tax included)

■Limited Edition CD+DVD


3,500 (Tax included)

■Standard Edition: CD


3,059(Tax included)


<<Release outside Japan>>

■Physical&digital releases

Hong Kong, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia and more...


■iTunes Releases>

United States, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru,

Austria, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom

Australia, New Zealand





Date: Dec 1 (SAT) 2012

Venue: KL Live ,Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 


Scandal BESTXmas4

Date:Dec.23(SUN) 2012

Venue: Ebisu the  Garden Hall

*Their show will be live streamed at theaters in Hong Kong and Taiwan


Taiwan: Vie Show Hsin Yi 



Hong Kong: MCL Telford




■Osaka Castle Hall Live

DateMarch 3(SUN) 2012

Venue:Osaka Castle Hall   


Scandal YouTube/VEVO


some area/countries may have limitations in viewing including Japan

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