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Nippop News:Good Charamel releasing 3 albums by Japanese artists (2014.04.05)


Buffalo, New York based indie Good Charamel will release three albums by Japanese artists this month. Shonen Knife's "Overdrive" is out April 15, which they will follow with an extensive European and American tour.  The skronk rock power trio led by female musician/anime singer Yuria, Pinky  Doodle Poodle's self-titled debut album will be released April 22. The album has an energetic rock sound, somewhere in the realm of the MC5, and was recorded in NY with the Goo Goo Dolls Robby Takac producing. Also  alt-rock band band Molice make available their newest, "Resonance Love" on April 29.   Molice has gathered a substantial overseas following, with their quirky videos, and by playing gigs in The US, UK and Vietnam.



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