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Hear Babymeta's Blazing Bonus Cut'Road of Resistance'l (2015.05.22)

Hear Babymeta's Blazing Bonus Cut'Road of Resistance'l

BABYMETAL, the explosive trio whose unique hybrid of extreme metal and J-pop have made them Internet sensations, are slowly working on conquering America. They've been signed to RAL/Sony, who will be giving last year's self-titled debut LP its first Stateside release — digitally on May 12th, and physically on June 16th. The U.S. release appends the original 13 tracks with two bonus cuts, a live version of "Gimme Chocolate!!" and new track "Road of Resistance." 

"This song is about our metal resistance," the group's Suzuka "Su-Metal" Makamoto" tells Rolling Stone, "the story of BABYMETAL traveling across the world in the hopes of creating a new metal to unify the world as we break through the barriers of language and borders. In the middle of the song there is a part where we go, 'Wow, Wow' and this is where our fans from around the world can sing with us at our concerts. I hope people will listen to our album and support us at our shows.""Road of Resistance" is a furious power metal burst injected with shiny pop harmonies and features guitar work from Sam Totman and Herman Li of the shredtastic band Dragonforce.

For Americans, those shows are two tour dates on their cross-continental the Dark Knights Begin tour this month — they'll be in Chicago on May 14th and then Columbus, Ohio's Rock on the Range Festival that weekend, alongside Slipknot, Linkin Park and many more.

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