chatmonchy | チャットモンチー | ちゃっともんちー

Name in Japanese: チャットモンチー, ちゃっともんちー

Years Active: 2000 - Present

Members: Kumiko Takahashi, Eriko Hashimoto, Akiko Fukuoka

Chatmonchy is an all-girl guitar rock trio originally hailing from Tokushima Prefecture. The current lineup is Eriko Hashimoto (guitar, vocals), Akiko Fukuoka (bass, chorus), and Kumiko Takahashi (drums, chorus).  The band was originally formed by Hashimoto in 2000, and had six members - two vocalists, two guitarists, a bassist, and a drummer.  When exam time rolled around in 2002, however, everybody but Hashimoto left the band to concentrate on studies.  The same year, current...

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