Yutaka Ozaki

Yutaka Ozaki | 尾崎 豊 | オザキ ユタカ | おざき ゆたか

Name in Japanese: 尾崎 豊, オザキ ユタカ, おざき ゆたか

Instruments: Vocals

Born: November 29, 1965

Died: April 25, 1992

Years Active: 1983 - 1992

Death sells. That's the cynical conclusion one reaches when looking at the career of tragic Japanese rock 'n' roller Yutaka Ozaki. Since he died at age 26 on April 25, 1992, Ozaki has become mythologized as a rock 'n' roll rebel who followed the path of excess and paid the ultimate price, one in a long line of doomed romantic heroes in Japanese culture. Ozaki's demise was decidedly inglorious - he died of excessive accumulation of fluid in his lungs (pulmonary edema) several hours after being...

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