Yumi Matsutoya

Yumi Matsutoya | 松任谷 由実 | マツトヤ ユミ | まつとや ゆみ

Name in Japanese: 松任谷 由実, マツトヤ ユミ, まつとや ゆみ

AKA: Yumi Arai, Yuming

Instruments: Vocals

Born: January 19, 1954 (age 64)

Years Active: 1972 - Present

In the fast-paced, fickle world of J-pop, Yumi Matsutoya is a constant reliable presence. You could almost set your watch by her. Just about every fall she releases a new album, and most years she Does a concert tour of Japan. While her albums don't vary much year to year, featuring pleasant, middle-of-the-road J-pop featuring Matsutoya's easy-on-the-ears but unremarkable voice, her tours are something else. They're more like Las Vegas-style spectaculars than normal J-pop concerts - not too many...

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松任谷(荒井)由実 yumi matsutoya arai 春よ来い haru yo koi


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