Yukari Fresh

Yukari Fresh | ユカリフレッシュ | ゆかりふれっしゅ

Name in Japanese: ユカリフレッシュ, ゆかりふれっしゅ

Birth name: Yukari Takasaki ( 高崎 ゆかり, タカサキ ユカリ, たかさき ゆかり)

Years Active: 1997 - Present

Yukari Fresh, the solo unit of tomboyish Yukari Takasaki, is indeed a fresh melange of lo-fi, jazz, mellow rock, house, disco, and pretty much anything else that strikes Takasaki's fancy. Toss in a cute vocal delivery and loopy lyrics, and Yukari Fresh has all the elements of an instant cult favorite. Yukari Fresh debuted in 1997 with the cheekily titled Yukari's Perfect on Escalator Records, featuring guest slots by Hideki Kaji and the Genbeat. A whimsical, self-indulgent trip with...

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Yukari Fresh - Yukarin Disco


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