Yoko Kanno

Yoko Kanno | 菅野 よう子 | カンノ ヨウコ | かんの ようこ

Name in Japanese: 菅野 よう子, カンノ ヨウコ, かんの ようこ

Instruments: Vocals, Piano/Keyboards

Born: March 19, 1964 (age 54)

Years Active: 1994 - Present

Yoko Kanno was born March 18, 1964 in Miyagi Prefecture. She began playing piano at an early age, and in 1974 won a Yamaha sponsored piano competition, becoming the youngest person ever to do so. After winning a number of similar competitions, she moved to Paris to study at the Conservatore National Superieur de Musique de Danse de Paris. She later attended Japan's Waseda University and joined the jazz circle there. Although she played for awhile in the band Testu 100% with tetsu Sugihara, she...

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[PV] てつ100%(菅野よう子) - TOKYO TACO BLUES


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