Yasutaka Nakata

Yasutaka Nakata | 田中 ヤスタカ | ナカタ ヤスタカ | なかた やすたか

Name in Japanese: 田中 ヤスタカ, ナカタ ヤスタカ, なかた やすたか

Instruments: Synthesizer

Born: February 6, 1980 (age 39)

Member: Capsule

Yasutaka Nakata is a Japanese music producer and DJ. He formed Capsule in 1997 with vocalist Toshiko Koshijima, acting as both composer and producer for the group, which debuted in 2001.  In addition to Capsule, he has produced the all female electropop group Perfume since 2003, overseeing their successful major debut in 2005.  Nakata has worked with several other Japanese pop singers, including Ami Suzuki and MEG. He has also remixed songs by other artists, including m-flo and Leah...

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Ami Suzuki joins Yasutaka Nakata - FREE FREE


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