Yasuharu Konishi

Yasuharu Konishi | 小西 康陽 | コニシ ヤスハル | こにし やすはる

Name in Japanese: 小西 康陽, コニシ ヤスハル, こにし やすはる

Born: February 3, 1959 (age 59)

Member: Pizzicato Five

Yasuharu Konishi is a Japanese musician, composer and DJ. He was a founding member of Pizzicato Five and the only founding member to stay with the group until its breakup in 2002. Konishi's current activities are through his company readymade entertainment and his record label 524 records (a play on words from Konishi's name, as the numbers 524 can be read ko-ni-shi in Japanese using goroawase). Konishi is a prolific producer, composer, arranger and remixer. He has written, produced and arranged...

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小西康陽 Yasuharu Konishi - マジック・カーペット・ライド


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