Whiteberry | ホワイトベリー | ほわいとべりー

Name in Japanese: ホワイトベリー, ほわいとべりー

AKA: Howaberi, Shiroberi

Years Active: 1994 - 2004

Members: Erika Kawamura, Rimi Mizusawa, Yukari Hasegawa, Aya Inatsuki, Yuki Maeda

Whiteberry was a all-girl pop band from Hokkaido. The band - vocalist Yuki Maeda, guitarist Aya Inatsuki, bassist Yukari Hasegawa, keyboardist Rimi Mizusawa, and drummer Erika Kawamura - formed in 1994 while the members were still in elementary school.  Lifelong friends, with Maeda and Kawamura also being cousins, the band, at the time called Strawberry Kids, performed steadily at clubs and events in their home prefecture until catching the attention of the popular rock band...

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Whiteberry かくれんぼ PV


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