Titan Go King's

Titan Go King's | チタン合金ズ | チタンゴーキンズ

Name in Japanese: チタン合金ズ, チタンゴーキンズ

Years Active: 1996 - 2001; 2003 - 2006

Members: Rintsu

Titan Go King's are one of the hundreds (or perhaps thousands) of girl-bands to follow down the cute, spunky, and sometimes silly trail originally blazed by Shonen Knife, to which they along with most pop/punk girl bands in Japan since the '0s owe large stylistic debts. Formed in Kyoto in 1996, the band only performed sporadically until 1998, when they began and gigging more consistently around the Kyoto-Osaka region. They began recording demos the same year, and the punk-centric Benten label...

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Titan Go Kings - A Volume Of Titan Go King's


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