Thelma Aoyama

Thelma Aoyama | 青山 テルマ | アオヤマ テルマ | あおやま てるま

Name in Japanese: 青山 テルマ, アオヤマ テルマ, あおやま てるま

Born: October 27, 1987 (age 31)

Years Active: 2006 - Present

Pop/R&B singer Thelma Aoyama, often romanized from katakana to Teruma Aoyama, was born in 1987 in Nara, Japan. Her love for music started early, and at the tender age of three she became a huge fan Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation. She also enjoyed singing herself, and at ten became involved gospel music. Thelma moved from Osaka to Torrance, California as a sixth grader, and lived there for five years. In 2003 her family moved to Tokyo, and she began attending the American School in...

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