The Tigers

The Tigers | ザ・タイガース | ざ たいがす

Name in Japanese: ザ・タイガース, ざ たいがす

AKA: The Funnies, Sally & the Playboys

Years Active: 1967 - 1971; 1981 - 1983

Members: Kenji Sawada, Kevin Kishibe, Minoru Hitomi, Katsumi Takahashi, Taro Morimoto, Osami Kishibe

The Tigers were one of the biggest of the "group sounds" bands, and the launching pad for the career of the legendary entertainer Kenji Sawada. Their career path also makes an interesting study of entertainment management strategies. The history of The Tigers goes back to 1965's local music scene in Kyoto. In those days bands competed for slots playing at "jazz kissa" (jazz coffee shops, which despite the name featured music of various types, and also sometimes alcohol). The...

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The Tigers - Seaside Bound (ザ・タイガース - シーサイド・バウ ...


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