The Tempters

The Tempters | ザ・テンプターズ | ざ・てんぷたーず

Name in Japanese: ザ・テンプターズ, ざ・てんぷたーず

Years Active: 1967 - 1971

Members: Hiroshi Oguchi

The Tempters first formed in the Tokyo suburb of Omiya, Saitama. The founders of the band, guitarist Toshio Tanaka and bassist Takaku Noburo, were high school buddies. The two started playing together in 1965, and soon drafted lead guitarist Yoshiharu Matsuzaki from a nearby school. By early 1966 they were playing Ventures covers at local clubs. They met singer Keizo Hagiwara, who later adopted the stage name Kennichi Hagiwara, on the club circuit, and drafted him after hearing his spirited version...

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YouTube - ザ・テンプターズ「おかあさん」

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