The Surf Coasters

The Surf Coasters | ザ・サーフコースターズ | ざ・さーふこーすたーず

Name in Japanese: ザ・サーフコースターズ, ざ・さーふこーすたーず

Formed by guitar prodigy Shigeo Naka, The Surf Coasters play an updated style of surf music that draws from obvious sources including The Ventures, Dick Dale and Link Wray, as well as more varied, eclectic influences. Naka got his start in music when he released the single "Let's Go Tube" on the tiny Yokosuka-based YSR label in 1993. Pitched as a band - Naka Shigeo and Sunset Inn - the record was ractually a one-off recording of Naka playing solo in his home. The song would later...

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