The Spiders

The Spiders | ザ・スパイダース | ざ・すぱいだーす

Name in Japanese: ザ・スパイダース, ざ・すぱいだーす

Years Active: 1961 - 1971

Members: Tomoaki Tanabe, Takashi Inoue, Hiroshi Kamayatsu, Oono Katsuo, Mitsuru Katou, Masaaki Sakai, Jun Inoue

The Spiders were usually considered the biggest of the "Group Sounds" bands. The term "Group Sounds", often shortened to "GS", was coined as after a huge buzz was created by the Beatles, but the term "rock'n'roll" with multiple L's and R's was thought to be too difficult for most Japanese people to pronounce. The Spiders were first formed in 1961 by Shochi Tanabe, originally playing mostly country music, but basically serving as a backing band to singers...

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ザ・スパイダース(The Spiders)/バリ島珍道中OP


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