The Finger Five

The Finger Five | ふぃんがー5 | フィンガー5

Name in Japanese: ふぃんがー5, フィンガー5

Years Active: 1972 - 1978

The Finger Five are inevitably described as "the Japanese Jackson Five", and with good reason. The group was composed of the four Yamamoto brothers, Kazuo, Mitsuo, Masao, Akira, and sister Taeko, with the youngest of the bunch, Akira and his trademark big glasses, fronting the band. The Okinawa-based group performed catchy songs, wore matching outfits and had choreographed dance routines. They even performed cover versions of Motown hits, including those of the Jackson Five. The band...

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フィンガー5  - 個人授業


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