The Captains

The Captains | ザ・キャプテンズ | ざ・きゃぴたんず

Name in Japanese: ザ・キャプテンズ, ざ・きゃぴたんず

Years Active: 2001 - Present

In the last few years, more and more Japanese music fans have been rediscovering their country's musical past. They realize that beyond all the idol dreck that Japanese record companies have been releasing over the years, there actually is some rather good music. One of the most fertile eras for homegrown Japanese pop music was the "Group Sounds" period of the mid-60s, when a plethora of bands such as The Tigers, The Spiders and The Golden Cups tried their best to become Japan's answer...

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THE CAPTAINS"Winter fireflyies【フユノホタル】"


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