The Brilliant Green

The Brilliant Green | ザ・ブリリアント・グリーン | ざ・ぶりりあんと・ぐりーん

Name in Japanese: ザ・ブリリアント・グリーン, ざ・ぶりりあんと・ぐりーん

AKA: Buriguri

Years Active: 1995 - Present

Members: Tomoko Okuda, Shunsaku Okuda, Ryo Matsu

The Brilliant Green is one of Japan's premier power pop bands. The band was formed in 1995 by guitarist Ryo Matsui and bassist Shunsaku Oda, who brought in singer Tomoko Kawase (Tommy) after seeing her perform at a local bar. In 1997, the band inked a deal with Sony Music Japan based on the strength of a demo tape recorded at Oda's home, releasing their debut maxi single Bye Bye Mr. Mug in the fall of the same year. While the first single did not sell well, the second, Goodbye and Good...

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