The's | ザ・ファイブ・シックス・セブン・エイツ | ざ・ふぁいぶ・しっくす・せぶん・えいつ

Name in Japanese: ザ・ファイブ・シックス・セブン・エイツ, ざ・ふぁいぶ・しっくす・せぶん・えいつ

Years Active: 1986 - Present

Members: Ronnie Fujiyama, Sachiko Fujiyama

The's formed in Tokyo in 1986. Since then the line-up has changed many times, with the constants being singer/ guitarist Ronnie "Yoshiko" Fujiyama, and drummer Sachiko. The band embraces retro American hot rod culture and a rockabilly breed of garage rock that shares ascetics with the Cramps. The band has a maintained a strong cult following since their incept, but has never catered to the mainstream. They play a mixture of cover versions and originals, always fraught with style...

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The's - Dancing in the Avenue A

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