Takako Minekawa

Takako Minekawa | 嶺川 貴子 | ミネカワ タカコ | みねかわ たかこ

Name in Japanese: 嶺川 貴子, ミネカワ タカコ, みねかわ たかこ

Instruments: Vocals, Synthesizer

Born: June 3, 1969 (age 48)

Years Active: 1990 - Present

Creating a mix of electronica, ambient, bossa nova, and cute Japanese girl pop, Takako Minekawa has cultivated a significant following both at home in Japan and abroad. A child movie and TV star in Japan, Minekawa's first foray into music was in the short lived Lolita, a group she formed with some friends from college. In 1990, she and fellow Shibuya scenester Kahimi Karie made a minor splash with their band Fancy Face Groovy Name. After bouncing around several groups, Minekawa released her...

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Tags: shibuya-kei, electronica, trattoria | see tag cloud | tag this artistTag_red

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