Sowelu | ソエル | そえる

Name in Japanese: ソエル, そえる

Birth name: Aki Harada ( 原田 亜希, ハラダ アキ, はらだ あき)

Born: November 6, 1982 (age 36)

Years Active: 2002 - Present

To students of ancient Irish runes, the word "Sowelu" means "sun", but to music fans in Japan it generally connotes R&B tinged pop with an upbeat, positive vibe and message. The reason? Sowelu is the adopted name of Tokyo-born R&B artist Aki Harada, given to her by her Irish grandfather, and in just a few short years she has become one of the most popular and talented artists in Japan's vibrant pop and R&B scene. Sowelu's professional career began when, still...

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Sowelu - Rainbow


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