Soul Flower Union

Soul Flower Union | ソウル・フラワー・ユニオン | そうる・ふらわー・ゆにおん

Name in Japanese: ソウル・フラワー・ユニオン, そうる・ふらわー・ゆにおん

Years Active: 1990 - Present

Incorporating traditional Asian musical styles and instruments into a rock setting is usually a bad idea; too often it comes across as gimmicky or forced. But rock band Soul Flower Union has managed to pull that off, using instruments such as the "sanshin" (three-stringed Okinawan lute), Korean drums and even the quirky sounds of the "chindonya" (old-fashioned Japanese street musicians) to spice up their sound: call it ethno-psychedelia. SFU was formed in 1993 through the merger...

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