Show-Ya | ショーヤ | しょーや

Name in Japanese: ショーヤ, しょーや

Years Active: 1981 - 1998; 2005 - Present

Members: Miki Nakamura, Keiko Terada, Satomi Senba, Miki Tsunoda, Miki Igarashi

Show-Ya was a female heavy metal band that briefly enjoyed big popularity in Japan, and made a valiant attempt at making it worldwide. Formed in 1984, the group's very first gig was in at Dingwall's in London. The group consisted of vocalist Keiko Terada, guitarist Miki Igarashi, keyboardist Miki Nakamura, bassist Satomi Senba and Miki Tsunoda. Seemingly from the start, the group targeted the international market, early on playing in the USSR and Mexico, and later making a sustained attack on...

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