Sandii & The Sunsetz

Sandii & The Sunsetz | サンディー&ザ・サンセッツ | さんでぃー&ざ・さんせっつ

Name in Japanese: サンディー&ザ・サンセッツ, さんでぃー&ざ・さんせっつ

Sandii is a colorful veteran of the Japanese music business, who has gone through a number of stylistic changes over time, yet still maintained a substantial audience. Born Sandii Suzuki in Hawaii, with a mix of Japanese, Spanish and American blood, she moved to Tokyo in the early 70s and became a DJ on NHK radio. After winning a Yamaha sponsored songwriting contest in 1976, and having a solo hit single "Mystery Nile" in 1979, Sandii joined up with Yuyakegakudan, (who later became the...

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Sandii & The Sunsetz - Sticky Music(Better Quality)


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