Ritsuko Abe

Ritsuko Abe | 安倍 里葎子 | アべ リツコ | あべ  りつこ

Name in Japanese: 安倍 里葎子, アべ リツコ, あべ りつこ

Instruments: Vocals

Born: October 7, 1948 (age 70)

Years Active: 1970 - Present

Ritsuko Abe hails from the tail end of the female Hitori GS boom of the late 1960's. Not only was Ritsuko known for her great vocals and records but her shapely legs and suggestive record picture sleeves and later her nude pin-up photos.  Born in Hokkaido but raised in Sapporo Ritsuko had her debut single release right out of high school when she was recruited from a local music cafe she used to perform at. Ritsuko's debut single King of Love became a 50 million selling record and her follow...

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安倍里葎子『愛の命日』Video Clip

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