Pink Lady

Pink Lady | ピンクレディー

Name in Japanese: ピンクレディー

Years Active: 1974 - 1981; 1984 - Present

Members: Keiko Masuda, Mitsuyo Nemoto

The singing duo known as Pink Lady consisted of Keiko Masuda and Mitsuyo Nemoto, who were usually referred to as Kei and Mie. The two Shizuoka girls were "discovered" through an NHK talent contest, where they performed folk music wearing bib overalls, impressing with an innocent charm. When they made their professional debut with the song "Pepper Keibu" in 1976, however, they were a well rehearsed pure pop confection, equal parts cute, sexy clothes, hook laden pop songs, and...

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ピンクレディー Pink Lady "透明人間"


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