Papaya Paranoia

Papaya Paranoia | パパイヤパラノイア | ぱぱいやぱらのいあ

Name in Japanese: パパイヤパラノイア, ぱぱいやぱらのいあ

AKA: Neko odori, Roonie toons

Years Active: 1982 - Present

Members: Yumiko Ishijima, Michiko Morinaga

Papaya Paranoia is an all-girl punk band turned electro unit that has been around since the early '80s.  The origins of the band lie in its former incarnation, Neko Odori, which was formed in December of 1982.  In the fall of 1984, the band (already as Papaya Paranoia) won the 28th Yamaha Popcon event, pushing them into the indie limelight.  From there they hit the Tokyo club circuit.  The band had two tracks included in a 1985 EMI compilation called Toshi ni ame no furu...

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Papaya Paranoia - Rakuen Rakuen (Paradise Paradise)


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