PIERROT | ピエロ | ぴえろ

Name in Japanese: ピエロ, ぴえろ

Years Active: 1994 - 2006

PIERROT was a Japanese visual rock band, originally founded in 1994 by Kirito and Jun in Nagano. The original band members were Hidelow on vocals, Kirito and Jun on guitar, Kohta on bass, and Luka on drums. In November of that year, Luka left and Takeo joined. Then, in February 1995, Hidelow also left the band while Aiji joined, completing the final line up: Kirito on vocals, Aiji and Jun on guitar, Kohta on bass and Takeo on drums.

PIERROT was one of the oldest bands still around in 2005...

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Pierrot - ハルカ・・・


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