OOIOO | オー・オー・アイ・オー・オー | おー・おー・あい・おー・おー

Name in Japanese: オー・オー・アイ・オー・オー, おー・おー・あい・おー・おー

Years Active: 1995 - Present

In addition to playing percussion for the legendary Boredoms, jamming with Sonic Youth bassist Kim Gordon's Free Kitten, being a mom, and battling pink robots in the Flaming Lips epic Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, multi-instrumentalist Yoshimi P-We also finds the time to front the all-girl group OOIOO. Pronounced "oh-oh-eye-oh-oh", OOIOO expands on the tribal, repetitive areas sometimes explored by the Boredoms in a dynamic beat driven music that defies categorization, but...

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