Noodles | ヌードルス | ぬーどるす

Name in Japanese: ヌードルス, ぬーどるす

Years Active: 1991 - Present

Members: Junko, Yoko, Ayumi, Ikuno

Noodles is an all-girl pop-punk trio originally hailing from Yokohama and now based in Tokyo.  Their sound features melodic vocals, in both English and Japanese, layered over the standard power trio lineup of guitar, bass, and drum.  Vocalist Yoko handles guitar duties, with Ikuno on bass and Ayumi on drums.  The band was formed in 1991 in Yokohama (by original 4 members: Yoko, Ikuno, Ayumi plus guitarist Junko), debuted in 1994 with 2 songs on omnibus album Benten bentoh,...

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noodles - 夢の奥のもっと奥 - Live@Shibuya YANEURA Dec 28 ...


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