Nisennenmondai | ニセンネンモンダイ | にせんねんもんだい

Name in Japanese: ニセンネンモンダイ, にせんねんもんだい

Years Active: 1999 - Present

With song titles like "This Heat," "Pop Group" and "Sonic Youth", Tokyo all-girl instrumental trio Nisennenmondai gives out some pretty good hints about their influences.  Luckily, while they incorporate elements from all of the above, Nisennenmondai's sound is all their own.  Blunt, complex, and precise, the band's music has earned the praise of such math rock luminaries pioneers as Battles and Hella, and they have shared stages with OOIOO, Afrirampo, and...

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Nisennenmondai @ Jazzjuice 2008 - Part 2 of 4


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