Namie Amuro

Namie Amuro | 安室 奈美恵 | アムロ ナミエ | あむろ なみえ

Name in Japanese: 安室 奈美恵, アムロ ナミエ, あむろ なみえ

Instruments: Vocals

Born: September 20, 1977 (age 41)

Years Active: 1992 - Present

Namie Amuro, born September 20, 1977, (real name Namie Maruyama, said to be one quarter Italian), was a huge sensation in the 90's and has gone on to be one of the most successful Japanese pop artists of all time. While she is generally considered an idol, her staying power suggests that she is at least a special breed of idol. Her strong points are generally regarded as her tough-but-sexy attitude, her gutsy voice, her R&B dance moves and her trend-setting dress style. Her tinted hair, platform...

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I Will - Namie Amuro


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