Momoe Yamaguchi

Momoe Yamaguchi | 山口 百恵 | ヤマグチ モモエ | やまぐち ももえ

Name in Japanese: 山口 百恵, ヤマグチ モモエ, やまぐち ももえ

Instruments: Vocals

Born: January 17, 1959 (age 58)

Years Active: 1973 - 1980

"Living legend" is a term loosely thrown around; often an exaggeration or an indication only that somebody once did something spectacular. However to call Momoe Yamaguchi a living legend is in fact a huge understatement. She had a relatively short but incredibly successful career as a singer and actress, and then retired from show business while still wildly popular. Since retiring, she stays away from the media and lives an understated yet elegant life with her husband and children....

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Momoe Yamaguchi - Pearl Colour ni Yurete


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