Molice | モリス | もりす

Name in Japanese: モリス, もりす

Years Active: 2007 - Present

Members: Yuzuru Takeda, Rinko, Ikuhiro, Takashi Koyama

Formed in 2007, Molice is a quartet with a sound that's difficult to pin down.  Elements of '70s punk energy, '80s new wave sensibility, and '90s college radio guitar all get mashed in there, topped with gutsy female vocals.  Molice quotes The Velvet Underground, The Doors, and The Pixies among their influences, along with The Police (from whom their name is partially formed) and a number of other bands from different eras and genres, so let's just say they have things covered from the...

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Tags: chinachop, tokyo livehouse, koyama | see tag cloud | tag this artistTag_red

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