Modern Girl & Sniper

Modern Girl & Sniper | モダンガァール&スナイパー

Name in Japanese: モダンガァール&スナイパー

Years Active: 2009 - Present

Modern Girl & Sniper is a techno-pop duo formed by Michiko Yoshinari and Juri Goto. Their brand of electronica is a hyperkinetic soundscape of varying styles, heavy on breezy, playful lyrics and feel-good jazzy rhythms. While their debut album, Let’s Modern Hyper, was released on August 18, 2010, under the label, apart.RECORDS, they had already attracted a sizable following in Japan by that time, thanks to their eternally sunny number, “Rainbow Jyunrei” (Rainbow...

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Wonder Girl / モダンガァール&スナイパー"BABY BOOM" - YouTube


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