Minako Honda

Minako Honda | 本田 美奈子 | ホンダ ミナコ | ほんだ みなこ

Name in Japanese: 本田 美奈子, ホンダ ミナコ, ほんだ みなこ

Birth name: Minako Kudo ( 工藤 美奈子, クドウ ミナコ, くどう みなこ)

Instruments: Vocals

Born: July 31, 1967

Died: November 6, 2005

Years Active: 1985 - 2004

Minako Honda was born Minako Kudo in 1967 in a suburb of Tokyo, and grew up largely in nearby Saitama. She liked singing as a youngster, and got her break into the entertainment world when she was scouted on the streets of Harajuku by the talent agency Bond, which subsequently signed her to Toshiba/EMI. She was groomed to be something along the lines of Madonna, although a cuter teen version. She took the name Minako Honda, because she wanted to be internationally famous like Honda cars, and some...

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Shinsekai(新世界) - Minako Honda


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